and empowering girls.

When the overall well-being of a young woman is put at the forefront, she will begin to understand the importance of gaining control over her life.

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Smart Girls Foundation
South Africa

Smart Girls South Africa is a subsidiary of Smart Girls Uganda. It is a non-profit, girl-centered, development organization that empowers girls and mentors’ them in health, education. Advocating equity and enabling girls, youth, and women to transform their lives and communities.

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About Us

Smart girls was founded in 2012 and officially registered in 2015, we are the leading youth women-led not for profit organization. Each year we train and support 150 - 200 young girls and women in our economical programs and train 20 - 30 peer educators to lead community development initiatives engaging 25 - 30,000 young people. Our vision is to see a nation where girls have self-esteem, are engaged, have the ability to make decisions, and create visionary change.


Our mission is to empower and mentor girls by developing their confidence and life skills. We aim to improve their ability to realize their dreams, and to contribute to positive social transformation.

Civic Participation

Young girls and women contribute significantly to the development of society, resulting in public policy and practice that both supports and is accountable to young people.


Young girls and women are taking up productive livelihoods and employment opportunities that contribute to their household, income and the economies of their communities.

Girl's Health

Young girls and women are making informed decisions and engaging in safe sexual and reproductive health practices that lead to healthy lives.

Our Approach

Our approach is thorough and holistic. Focusing on the behavioral and systematic change amongst young girls and women to improve their livelihood creates a more supportive environment for our young girl's and women's development. Proudly delivering grassroot programs in underserved areas and slums.

By leveraging the impact of our former alumni and trainers, we are creating a network of young leaders and supporting them while they progress in their careers as champions of youth-led development. We also encourage policymakers to engage our young women to help them make the decisions that affect them. In addition, we partner with other organizations to work more effectively with and for young girls. Smart girls Head Office is in Mpererwe, but we also work with several partners in the Eastern and Central Region of Africa.

Our Impact

200 girls graduated from our Girls With Tools, and 150 have secured internships. 50 young women have started their own businesses.

1,000 and more girls have been reached in our girls health program

• 6,800 smart bags have been supplied in the eastern and central of Uganda from the award we won from UNFPA innovations through Openideo.

50 girls are under our global and one on one mentorship, 10,000 and more have benefited from the group mentorships in schools and communities.

We help over 43 fully financed members run their organizations by way of our mentorship programs.


Protect what matters most.

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Cutting-edge web presence.

Designing overall layout and aesthetic for websites. Coding sites, landing pages, functional prototypes, mobile applications and  visually pleasing promotional assets that compliment a client's overall web-presence and digital brand.

Getting down to business.

Information gathering, management and reporting, strategy mergers, governance, organizational design, operational risk management, data analytics, data integration, and change management.

Smart Bags for Girls

Comprehensive menstrual hygiene kits/ back packs with educational programming designed by and for girls in Uganda. A bag is sold/ distributed with a pack of reusable pads, MHM Booklet and sowing kit with the plan to add a solar powered tablet. We provide the following types of bags: Recycled Smart Bag, Recycled Solar Smart Bag and the Menstrual Toilet Bag.

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Girls With Tools Program

The Girls with Tools project hosts a series of 3 month hands– on courses for a range of 100 to 200 young women. Training them in vocational areas like: machinery welding, automotive mechanics, electric installation, carpentry, construction and home painting. This program also includes arts and crafts like: tailoring, basket weaving and much more. Our girls also get additional workshop trainings that include entrepreneurship, life skills, gender issues and financial literacy. We also partner our girls with local workshops and garages to provide them with job opportunities and encourage them to start  their own businesses in these sectors upon course completion.

Courses are paid for by the families that can afford them, while scholarships and bursary are provided for the girls that can’t.

Geek Girls

100-200 students
Paid Course
A project under girls with tools that inspires young girls in school to visualize themselves in science, technology, engineering and math careers empowering them to pursue STEM professions. We envision Uganda as a place where women feel confident to pursue STEM careers and are equally represented in the STEM workforce.

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Auto Girls

100-200 students
Paid Course
A program we started for our alumni in Mpererwe ku Mbuzzi to give them work after their training. 30% of the profits go back to enroll more girls in the training.

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Business Girl Magic Program

A premier social program for female entrepreneurs, change-makers, go-getters, creatives, industry leaders and any woman who has a dream or mission to turn her ideas into reality. This program equips women with the knowledge, skills, tools and connections to create and grow successful businesses. After our incubation process our ladies market and sell while learning from industry experts. Students in this program have the opportunity to network with other entrepreneurs, acquire tools to grow their startups and become inspired to create a positive change.

Coffee Talks

100-200 students
Paid Course
The Girls Coffee Talk is a social bi-monthly event meant to promote positive talk among ladies and girls on issues affecting them within their communities. The process entails our girls gaining knowledge from various topics, listening to inspirational stories from fellow colleagues and creating networks amongst themselves for entrepreneurial and social support. The event involves couch guest speakers that are well-versed in subjects that directly affect women. Girls who complete this program are tasked to empower other girls and impact their lives socially and economically.

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Market Exhibition

100-200 students
Paid Course
→ A two-day event designed for young women who want to progress in their career or business. It provides inspiration, guidance, recruitment opportunities, and business services to level up in their professional journey.

→ The event was created to help promote our Girls With Tools Program graduates create businesses and increase their sales.

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Our Tech Partners

With the support of our technology partners, the Smart Girls Foundation is connecting with families online across the country & helping them build a brighter future.

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Our Smart Bags

Comprehensive menstrual hygiene kits/back packs with educational programming designed by and for girls in Uganda.

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What People Say About Us

I enrolled in the  Girls With Tools Program after my Form Six vacation. I had no idea that I was doing something that  would’ve changed my life positively. ⭢
Flavia Nabatanzi
Smart Girls Foundation Alumni 2021
I want to thank the Girls With Tools Program for helping me in any situation, and for their support. ⭢
Edinah Nuwaha
Smart Girls Foundation Alumni 2021