Keeping our girls in school.

Comprehensive menstrual hygiene kits/back packs with educational programming designed with and for girls in Uganda.

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Smart Bags For Girls

Girls 8 to 17 years in rural South Africa miss up to 8 days of study each school term because they are on their periods. Because of this, NGOs and other individuals have supplied young girls in rural areas sanitary towels to keep them in school. Unfortunately some girls don’t use them at all due to a lack of confidence or because of the embarrassment of having to carry and use them in school settings. Consequently these young girls decide to stay home and utilise the sanitary pads from there. Smart Girl Foundation Uganda designed backpacks for girls equipped with a menstrual grooming kit and illustrated SRH information kit to help solve this problem.

The Problem

Young Girls Like Mildred and 29.7% of adolescent girls miss school 4 to 8 days per cycle, and another 24.3% of the girls are being stigmatised whenever they soil their uniforms. As a result, they opt to stay at home until after their periods causing them to miss out on valuable time in school.

The Solution

Comprehensive menstrual hygiene kits/ back packs with educational programming designed by and for girls in Uganda. A bag is sold/ distributed with a pack of reusable pads, MHM Booklet and sowing kit with the plan to add a solar powered tablet. We provide the following types of bags: Recycled Smart Bag, Recycled Solar Smart Bag and the Menstrual Toilet Bag.

Projects Under SmartBags4Girls

Good Men Project

The Good Men Project -focuses on creating a more father/male inclusive environment in benefit for the girl child consequently building stronger communities, empowering the girl child to access educational opportunities, improving parenthood and promote gender equitable norms and practices. Project Objective is to enhance the involvement of men most especially the Fathers in their daughters’ lifestyles to empower daughters to be able to stand up for their rights, become self-aware and confident thereby bridging the gender equality and opportunities gaps. Activities like fathers’ School engagement days, Community Dialogues.

Annual Father-Daughter Dance


The Father – Daughter Dance is a social annual event meant for fathers to be more involved with, better understand, and support their daughters’ lifestyle, rights and educational needs, to help bridge the equal opportunities gap. All proceeding benefits from products and materials sold will go to buying Smart Bags4girlsHappening in December

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What Makes It Unique

Its a simple product that gives a 360 solution to menstrual hygiene and easy access to power for the girls.Achieves the goal to absolutely keep a girl in school during her menses.We care about the environment by recycling plastic waste in the bags.Impactful business sustainable business.

& Impact

Young adolescent girls ages 9 to 14 years from rural and urban - rural areas with families surviving on less than 10 dollars a day.TO DATE –We have sold more than 10,000 bags Through B2B (UNFPA, Serena Hotels) B2C through shops & pharmacies.impacted over 30,000 people in Uganda. Employ over 20 women every month in need of work to make the bags.Cleaned the slum areas by recycling plastic waste picked from the drainage systems.

Future Plans

Plan to scale productions and sales in South Africa Limpopo
with every bag sold there, we make another that we distribute at no cost in Uganda.Make more premium Smart bags and menstrual bags that attract the middle class B2C and B2B sales in return to make more of those that we give out for free.To benefit more than 100,000 girls each and employ more than 100 young people each year.